Leadership development goes hand-in-hand with the organisation’s strategy and culture. Taking this into consideration, PLAS offers training on the following set of selected topics with the ultimate of enabling private and public sector leaders to drive and contribute to their organisation’s growth and performance:

  • Strategy development: Development of strategic capabilities, business transformation.
  • Leadership development: Executive leadership and image, innovation excellence.
  • Marketing and sales strategy: Competitive sales advantage, customer service.
  • Corporate finance
  • Human Resources Management
  • Change management

In addition, we design and deliver customised mini MBA programs. The mini MBA comprises of a number of topics with both general and specialized issues, in accordance with the company specific industry and corporate needs. The general managerial issues that are not related with company specific needs can include all or part of the following topics: Contemporary Management, Leadership Development, Resource Management, Human Resource Management, Personal and Professional Development, Trade issues etc.