PLAS S.A., established in 2003 as a privately owned company, offers Business Development and Human Resources Services to private enterprises and public institutions operating in South-Eastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.

At a glance, PLAS enjoys:

  • An extended network of partners, associates and experts.
  • Strong international alliances.
  • In depth knowledge of markets and sectors addressed.

PLAS is a shareholder of PLANET S.A. (; the leading Greek management consulting and project management company established in 1987 and leading the Greek consulting market ever since, serving both public sector entities and businesses in Greece, South East Europe and the Mediterranean region by delivering high value adding services.

Since 1999, key shareholder of PLANET has been the National Bank of Greece (, one of the major and strongest financial institutions in Balkans.

PLAS experiences full access to PLANET’s resources and knowledge.

PLAS key service areas comprise of:

  1. Business Development Services: PLAS is offering its clients a full range of business development services across 3 dimensions:
    • Business Growth
      • Contract driven business development, where growth is sought by bidding and winning contracts for the procurement of goods and/or services.
      • Market share driven business development, where growth is sought by expanding the commercial footprint in new markets and/or new customer segments.
    • Engagement Length
      • Life cycle, where support is provided across all phases of the business development effort.
      • Short term, where ad hoc support is provided to meet specific customer needs in one or more phases of the business development effort.
    • Multi-faceted Advice
      • Advice on addressing Commercial, Political, Regulatory, Socio-Economic, Financial, Human Resource, Infrastructure aspects as needed to succeed in the business development effort.
  2. Human Resources Services: PLAS provides integrated consulting services as well as a complete portfolio of specialized products and services in the field of Human Resources, as follows:
    • Human Capital Solutions & Services: PLAS offers specialized human capital solutions and services in order to improve the HR performance of an organization.
    • Leadership Development and Capability Building: PLAS offers cutting-edge leadership development and capability building (LDCB) services including training, on-the-job teaching, in-company / public events, development of training material, mentoring, knowledge management, certifications, coaching with a view of enabling client executives and staff to effectively drive growth within their organisations.
    • Actuarial Services: PLAS is actively involved in the field of actuarial services, with a team of qualified and certified experts capable of carrying out simple and complex actuarial studies.
    • e-Collaboration & e-Learning Tools: Through highly interactive web platforms, PLAS offers a unique experience -in terms of functionality, quality and cost-effectiveness- of synchronous (on-line) or asynchronous (off-line) e-learning, conference calls, and long-distance team-working and cooperation.

Currently, PLAS collaborates extensively both at domestic and international level with leading, highly respected firms and well-known public organizations and institutions. Depending on the challenge faced, PLAS mobilizes a unique set of solid, long-term partnerships & alliances. Either related to Business Development Services or to Human Resources services, PLAS enjoys long-term cooperation with valuable partners.

In this context, PLAS leverages knowledge, experience, and capabilities by working on a project basis with:

  • Market leaders in the area of Human Capital Solutions & Services.
  • Domestic and International Business Schools, ranked among the top-performers in their fields of activity and -as such- leading knowledge development and shaping the future.
  • Established Actuaries, with deep-knowledge and expertise on the subject matter.
  • A highly-specialized and diversified pool of Trainers.

Policy on Quality is expressed through a single document signed by company’s Managing Director.

PLAS_Quality Policy_en