Business development Advisory Services (BAS)

Today, the focus of all the business entities are getting connected in the spot of growing their network and expanding their business. PLAS has the capability to support the business development effort “start to end”. We provide support to the client, both for contract and market-based business development. The offered services portfolio is tailored in accordance with client depth and breadth of needs.

Contract-Based Business Development Services, supportιng the client to expand presence in existing markets and/or enter new markets “start to end”, both regional and sectoral, identifying business opportunities and winning. Specifically, our services include:

  • Identification of Opportunities
    • Analysis of the client’s internal and external environment 
    • Demand and supply matching
    • Selection of appropriate market(s) and sector(s) and geographical reach
    • Formulation of client’s production model and necessary infrastructure
    • Determination of the collaboration needs, both locally and globally 
    • Deploying or establishing, network of leads with access to all necessary information required for the pursuit of targeted market(s)
    • Formulation of Implementation Plan
  • Contact Acquisition Services
    • Get maximum intelligence from the relevant Organization(s) and other sources
    • Obtain indications on specific TORs
    • Critical review of client’s business interests and pricing policy
    • Provide support and guidance to the client in order to evaluate the possibilities of success in gaining the project, as well as to formulate a feasible action plan to that end
    • Propose to the client potential local partner(s)
    • Identify and report to the company strengths / weaknesses of other competitors
    • Support to the client during proposal formulation, submission and evaluation phase
  • Contract Execution Services
    • Advisory services in the contract negotiation phase, including dealing with all critical details and particularities of the contract according to the regulations in force in each jurisdiction and the interests of our client
    •  Project administration and management of the practical issues related to the contract
    •  Addressing any conditions precedent for the contract to come in force, monitoring to ensure that the contract is implemented according to the terms and quality standards

Market-Based Business Development Services, supporting the client to enter new markets “start to end”, identifying attractive markets and establishing competitive presence to develop new export business. Our services include:

  • Development of market expansion plan
    • Analysis of the client’s internal and external environment 
    • Demand and supply matching 
    • Selection of appropriate market(s), sector(s) and geographical scope
    • Alignment of client’s delivery model and infrastructure 
    • Determination of the collaboration needs, both locally and globally
    • Formulation of client’s Marketing Plan
    • Formulation of Implementation Plan
  • Implementation of marketing expansion plan 
    • Executing/Supporting clients’ tasks regarding delivery model and infrastructure alignment, collaboration schemes and marketing activities implementation
    • Coordination of third parties assigned with execution of specific tasks
    • Overall project management of implementation plan execution