Actuarial Services

PLAS is actively involved in the field of actuarial services. In this context, a team of qualified and certified experts capable of carrying out simple and complex actuarial studies has been established.

An indicative list of actuarial studies that PLAS offers in the field of Actuarial Services consists of:

  • Actuarial Studies based on the International Accounting Standards (IAS, article 19)
    • Valuation of termination benefits according to law 2112/20
    • Valuation of supplementary corporate contracts
    • Valuation of group insurance policies
  • Actuarial Studies for Group Pension Plans (and other Group Insurance Policies)
    • Financing and viability studies for “defined benefit” and “defined contribution” schemes
    • Transitions from “define benefit” to “define contribution” schemes
    • Correlation and adaptation studies to social security benefit system
    • Studies for accident and health benefits
    • Evaluation of group insurance policies and proposals
    • Studies on placement of insurance policies
  • Specialized Actuarial Services
    • Studies for Occupational Pension Funds
    • Studies for staff early retirement benefits
    • Studies concerning merges and acquisitions
    • Studies on reward systems and modelling business plans with uncertainty