Leadership Development & Capability Building

PLAS offers cutting-edge leadership development and capability building (LDCB) services with a view of enabling client executives and staff to effectively drive business development and innovation within their organizations.

In this domain, PLAS services are mainly provided in the form of training activities, focused on selected subject areas which have been defined on the basis of multiple criteria, such as relevance to leadership, cutting-edge issues of global interest, based on in depth experience of PLAS, further strengthened by strategic alliances with international players.

Organization of seminars and events
PLAS provides an integrated learning experience, which is carefully designed and customised to the different performance development needs, culture and organisational strategy of each client.

Training is offered in the form of seminars, events or special courses. Our portfolio includes:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Provision of training programs categorized in five main subject areas:
  • Leadership development goes hand-in-hand with the organisation’s strategy and culture. Taking this into consideration, PLAS offers training on the following set of selected topics with the ultimate of enabling private and public sector leaders to drive and contribute to their organisation’s growth and performance:

    • Strategy development: Development of strategic capabilities, business transformation.
    • Leadership development: Executive leadership and image, innovation excellence.
    • Marketing and sales strategy: Competitive sales advantage, customer service.
    • Corporate finance
    • Human Resources Management
    • Change management

    In addition, we design and deliver customised mini MBA programs. The mini MBA comprises of a number of topics with both general and specialized issues, in accordance with the company specific industry and corporate needs. The general managerial issues that are not related with company specific needs can include all or part of the following topics: Contemporary Management, Leadership Development, Resource Management, Human Resource Management, Personal and Professional Development, Trade issues etc.

  • Information and Communication Technologies are key enablers for any public or private sector initiative. PLAS offers training on the following key topics:

    • IT Service Management
    • Information Security Management
    • Business Continuity Management
    • e-Learning solutions

  • Effective project management is an essential skill for all types of organisations. Based on its long-standing experience in this field, PLAS offers training in the following topics:

    • Preparing for the PMP & CAMP Certification Examination
    • Management and the Organization: The concept of the PMO
    • Project Procurement Management
    • Project Planning with WBS
    • Contract Management
    • Risk Management
    • Effective Project Management with MS Project 2010

  • PLAS has accumulated knowledge on international and national funding programs and opportunities for both private and public sector organisations alike.

    Training is provided on the following funding sources and programmes. If requested, information is adjusted to the specific sectorial and/or geographic markets of the client:

    • European Commission’s EuropeAid Programme: funding opportunities and procedures- Winning and Implementing Europaid Projects
    • Winning and Implementing PPP Projects
    • European Commission’s funding opportunities and procedures for Research and Technological Development – HORIZON 2020
    • Multi-annual EU co-funded development programs in countries of Southeast Europe and East Mediterranean: technical assistance programmes, human resources development
    • National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) in countries of Southeast Europe and East Mediterranean: Technical assistance programmes, human resources development.
    • Proposal and Contact Development
    • Project Finance

  • Provision of in-company seminars tailored to the specific needs of the client.
  • Formulation of training and coaching programs during and after the implementation of the annual evaluations of employees.
  • Provision of training in selected topics by using the e-learning technology.
  • Development of customized training material according to each client’s special characteristics and needs.

Development of training material
PLAS develops customized training material to be used by third parties, in any of the subject areas covered. Indicatively, PLAS has developed training material on security of IT systems and interoperability in the framework of e-Government.