e-Collaboration & e-Learning tools

Capitalizing fully on the high-end-technology solutions offered, PLAS supports leading private or public organizations to foster the advantages of premium technology in the area of e-learning and e-collaboration. The advantages of the adaptation of such solutions include among others:

  • Cost reduction and cost-effectiveness.
  • Efficient transfer of knowledge and experience anytime and anywhere.
  • User-friendly solutions that incorporate modern, attractive technologies of social media and networking.
  • Customized content that can be easily updated.
  • Fast and complete fulfillment of participants’ requirements.

Depending on the case, PLAS offering is adjusted in order to fit with the changing needs of its customers. Either referring to an e-collaboration suite with 24-hour technical support, or to an e-learning tool with specialized infrastructure and content, PLAS proposal can be fine-tuned. In this direction, PLAS targets to be the premium one-stop-shop for all these organizations that want to achieve and maintain high performance.