December 2016 was the last month for the “Business English” training programme, designed and implemented by PLAS, especially for the needs of the Greek Public Power Corporation (DEI) Executives.

The Training Programme, which lasted 18 months, focused on the provision of Business English language courses, based on the specific requirements of DEI. This entailed the development of a specialized training module that would enhance the participants’ capabilities in the command of the English language, concerning marketing terminology, business and legal terminology, public tender’s overview, financial statements writing, negotiation skills etc. Moreover, PLAS delivered different kinds of training services according to each participant’s position, expertise and level of English language knowledge.

In total 78 executives participated in the programme, which spread all over Greece, according to the client’s needs.

PLAS with extended expertise in trainings and design of custom made capacity building courses, managed to successfully conclude the programme and to offer its client a unique training experience.