Commerce & Industry

The economies of South East Europe have been undergoing a rapid transformation, driven not only by the global economic conditions, but also by the process and prospects of European integration. Greece was the first Balkan country to become an EU member and first experienced the impact of this transformation. Other countries in the region find themselves on the way to European integration, each according to their particular history and local development.

The private sector in all countries finds itself at a crossroad depending on:

  • Prevailing local market conditions;
  • Varying dynamics of each industry;
  • Restructuring pressure imposed by intensifying competition;
  • Trend for diversification and rationalisation;
  • Additional momentum provided by the processes of deregulation and privatisation;

The assistance provided by state and structural funds aiming at supporting the sector dynamics and competitiveness of the national economies in globalised markets.

In this changing environment, enterprises in Commerce & Industry are facing common issues but also adopt varying strategies, based on their positioning and the prevailing market prospects.

PLAS supports dynamic enterprises in seizing development opportunities both by offering competitive market intelligence, as well as by evolving the human resources of its clients.