Energy and Environment

In an international natural, social, economic and business environment under transformation, access to and management of natural resources attract an ever increasing interest. From national and international regulating instances to public sector administrations and the business community, everyone has to adjust to the evolving realities. The growing recognition of the effect of human activity on Earth’s climate has brought the areas of Energy and Environment even more at the heart of the economic matter and the public eye.

The reforms that drive the provision of business and professional services in all sectors are tied to the opening of regulated state-owned actors to market competition and the need for unbundling vertically integrated companies to sensitive market oriented actors. Old state monopolies have to transform into efficient, customer focused and performance based entities that compete with new entrants in newly established markets. At the same time, there is a need to assist national and international regulating instances in adjusting the respective institutional framework in order to host and promote competition by simultaneously ensuring the sustainability of natural resources, the security of supplies and the respect of – retail and business – customer needs.

Having solid knowledge, hands-on experience and an active network of experts, PLAS is fully capable in driving its clients to prosperity by providing integrated business development and human resources services.