Construction Industry

Construction Industry is a facet of the economy, critically linked with the goals of rapid economic growth, regional development and social cohesion. The development or replacement of ailing and inadequate infrastructure in many fields of economic activity, including transport, building complexes, sewage, water, energy and communications, often entail high-cost location-specific investments, representing an important business activity in Greece and South East Europe. This on its turn is a prerequisite for opening up access to global trade and investment flows, increasing the competitiveness of production and services and thus sustaining the regional economic growth. In the framework of European integration and regional cohesion, there is a recognized need for South East Europe to develop infrastructures and an associated demand for related consulting services.

PLAS S.A. tailors its services to the specific and often complex needs of each client. By devising practical and innovative information services and executive training schemes, we contribute to our client’s development and growth.