Public Administration

Public sector management is undergoing significant changes, driven by the evolving needs and expectations of societies, the selective adoption of ideas and approaches originating from the private sector and, last but not least, the vast potential offered by technological innovations, especially information and communication systems.

Public administration have been undertaking reforms to become more efficient, transparent, responsive, customer-oriented, more flexible and performance-focused, adopting a forward-looking approach in its planning and budgeting. Process and organisational changes introduced increasingly focus on end-performance results and quality of services offered. Furthermore, public sector employment has undergone significant changes with the selective introduction of more flexible, individualised and performance-driven practices.

The growing body of public sector reforms throughout the world creates a pool of lessons learned and best practices. However, it is clearly recognized that modernisation is context-dependent and should be tailored to an individual country’s needs and circumstances as a complex and continuous process, in which every piece of reform will impact all intertwined parts of the public administration system.

To this extent, PLAS offers tailor-made, subject-specific training programmes of flexible duration that can fully support public administration in Greece and in the neighboring countries to face the challenges addressed.