Information and Communication Technologies

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are at the forefront of current economic development across the globe, with a high potential in contributing to social development and public sector modernization. Properly exploited they lead to innovative business practices with enhanced efficiencies promoting the development of entirely new areas of business and enhanced public services. As a result of their transformational dynamic, in most businesses ICT have grown into a substantial sector in their own right.

The ICT industry is swiftly evolving as a result of increasing and more demanding needs of businesses and citizens, as well as rapidly changing technologies in other related fields (e.g. consumer electronics, etc.). Software and hardware providers are increasingly moving into the IT services sector, while IT integrators are increasingly packaging their offerings as solutions that aim at addressing their customers’ specific requirements. Fixed line telecoms service providers, mobile operators and internet players often compete in alliance with content providers, offering a wide range of new services with enhanced mobility and reliability in a continuously evolving regulatory environment, with a pressure to maximize their return on investment. In response to the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry players, the ICT industry requires innovative solutions at all levels.

PLAS has accumulated a sound understanding of the ICT sector’s dynamics through a unique integration of technological know-how, policy intelligence, business strategy experience and in-depth understanding of the evolving ICT user requirements.